The datatype string is used for simple words and similar character sequences. It has the following restrictions:

  • As for all properties, the sequences ":=" and "::" are not possible in property values (not even inside nowiki tags).
  • values must not be longer than 255 characters (if you use non-latin characters, this number might be smaller). If you need longer strings, use Type:Text.

You can use some wiki markup inside a string property such as runs of ' for bold and italic, and the markup will change the appearance of the string. You cannot embed semantic annotations inside a string property.

Enumerations Edit

You can use the special property Allows value to restrict a property to a particular set of values. For example you could limit "Status" to certain states.

The old Type:Enumeration from SMW versions prior to 1.0 is an alias for Type:String since it has the same behavior.