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Pune is undergoing a revolution, in the sense that the gap between the people and the city government is narrowing. Increasingly people are realizing that they need to participate in the process of governance and contribute actively to ensure that the city is what they want it to be. Whether you want it to be clean, have good roads and footpaths, better public transport ... whatever you want it to be.

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This site is an attempt to pool Puneites' collective wisdom and their ability to be the city's eyes and ears, and a way to share ideas, opinions, and concerns, all in a way that will contribute to a better city. As the popular adage goes.. Pune, jithe nahi Unhe ! This city, christened (long ago) as The Pensioner's Paradise, needs to bring its charm back. And this is going to be feasible only if the Citizens bring in their support.

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Pune University landscape and garden conservation

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Here you can find a PowerPoint presentation on the Right To Information Act, which has been prepared based on inputs from an RTI Handbook prepared by the Assam Administrative Staff College.

A model application format for the Second Appeal can be found here.

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